Our Story

Lets Get Fired Up!

We’re passionate about food. It’s what gets us Fired Up the most. We’ve created a pizza that takes the freshest ingredients from the glorious landscapes, rolling hills & green fields of Ireland. We’ve taken the local produce we are most passionate about, and combined it with authentic Italian tradition & passion for flavour. We’ve taken a true Italian classic and combined it with the best that Ireland has to offer.

The secret to our wood fire pizza is the dough. Irish Mammy’s, just like the Italian one’s will tell you that If you look after your dough, your dough will look after you. After carefully hand rolling the dough, we leave it rest for 72 hours, evolving and developing until it is ready to create an incredibly tasty slice of art.

Fired Up emerged in a time when the country of Ireland was on its knees, struck down by a pandemic. But while coming together, by staying apart, with many out of work but most definitely not out of fight, we created Fired Up Wood Fired Pizza.

With Great Dough, Comes Great Pizza

Our delicious sourdough the foundation of what we are trying to achieve here, and we make it using a mature starter culture. A well aged sourdough starter has a stronger and more distinctive flavour than one recently started from scratch.

Sticking to Italian tradition, we use only Caputo 0.0 flour which gives that authentic Neapolitan taste. This combined with just the right amounts of fresh yeast, water, salt and 72 hour fermentation time guarantees maximum flavour development.